Get your resume directly in the hands of top decision makers!

We offer CV Distribution Service to United Arab Emirates currently and plan to extend the service to KSA, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain soon.

The fastest way to get your name out to prospective employers is through our Resume Distribution Service. We email your Resume and Cover Letter directly to employers & recruiters.

Resumegulf offers CV distribution service that is proven, guaranteed service that enables you to get your Curriculum Vitae in front of thousands of recruiters. This is a great way for you to leverage our massive database of employers and recruiters. Because our database is so big we can connect you to employers and recruiters targeting your specific job categories and locations.

We undertake resume distribution for all professions including office administration, sales & customer service, HR, Finance & Accounts, Logistics & Shipping, Healthcare, IT, all categories of Engineers, PRO, HSE & Safety and many more

If you're into saving time and avoiding hassles this is the service for you.

Resume Distribution Benefits!

Instant Networking – send your resume directly to employers & recruiters.

Proactive – don’t wait for someone to find you. Get your resume in front of them.

Cost and time-Effective – think of money and time it would take to do this on your own

Efficient – Over 70% of jobs are never advertised by companies. It helps you find an unpublished job opportunity.

Thorough - Our resume distribution service reaches recruiters in all corners of the country searching for people from all across the country.

Fast Results - Your resume distribution can be processed in a matter of minutes and results are miraculously fast.

Massive Database – Our categorized massive database allows us to target your resume to get the best results.

Our aim is to maximize your chances of getting the right job in the shortest possible time

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